Somalia: Puntland airport security commander gunned down by bodyguard


ImageBossaso Airport Security Force (BASF) commander has been targeted in brazen murder by his own bodyguard according to officials on Monday, Garowe Online reports.

The late Hassan Shire Aman was gunned down at entrance to airport in Puntland’s most populous city for murky reasons.

Puntland Police Force Commander-in-Chief, Gen. Abdirazak Mohamud Yusuf has condoled with Aman’s bereaved families and police officers statewide over the incident.

Asked whether the incident might affect ongoing construction work inside the airport, Yusuf insisted that renovation will be progressing as per the framework.

The Member of security detail has fled right away after the shooting, something called ‘dubious’ by Bari regional police commander, Abdihakin Hussein Yusuf.

Puntland police launched manhunt for the killer who was recently fired for incompetence, he added.


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