Somaliland: Ground broken on development cooperation meeting between Government, Sool elders


12442975_941531215928656_1900037766_nThe government has had a fruitful discussion with southern Sool community in the spirit of the nation’s homemade rapport tradition.Elders representing Sool region at talks with Somaliland government authorties

Ragheh Garaad Abdiqani Garaad – prime mover behind current rapport

Elders of the Baharrarsame sub-clan led by Raage Garaad Abdiqani Garaad Jama Garaad Ali met with cabinet ministers and discussed matters pertaining to security and socio-economical aspects.The minister of Interior, Presidency, Settelement and deputy fisheries the Honourables Ali Mohammed Waran-adde, Mohamud Hashi Abdi, and Said Reigal respectively pondered on the issues, albeit behind closed doors, for two consecutive days at Ainabo.

Five important milestone resolutions contained in a communiqué was read to the media to which the Interior Minister Hon. Waran’ade pledged the state support and adherence to the stipulated points agreed upon.

It was relayed to the media by former minister Ahmed Ali Hassan (Assowe).
Somaliland Government representatives at the rapport with Sool region elders
The points in the resolution were:

1. The nationhood of Somaliland must be safeguarded and concerted efforts in upholding its integrity be maintained.

2. That the peaceful stability and security of the residence (area) of the community be bolstered with each side taking on its expected cue.

3. That public services such as health, education, water supply etc be duly established.

4. That decentralization of administration be extended to the said areas.

5. That concerted efforts to work in partnership be made towards stepping-up pacifications, fostering brethren-ship with neighbouring communities and amongst Somalilanders in general.

6. That other (unnamed) matters that the community begrudged were conceded hence agreement reached on ways and means of addressing them.Somaliland Government representatives at the rapport with Sool region elders

Raage Garaad made it clear that they had reached and made fruitful discussions and decisions resolutely with the state on the security and developmental aspects.

He pledged that his community would concretely adhere to what they have resolved to.


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