Somaliland President Promotes 3 Generals from Colonelcy, Undertakes to Develop Army


His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud ‘Siilaanyo’, today, promoted army colonel Ali Barreh Hussein, Colonel Ahmed Ali Mohamed ‘Tanzani’ and Colonel Musa Jama Dellaf to Brigadier Generals, effective from today.

The President attending the 22nd anniversary of the Somaliland armed forces held in the largest army camp in the eastern regions of Somaliland at Oog, also, 20 other officers to full colonelship.Burao1On the same spree, the President raised the morale of 1500 private soldiers to corporalships.

Speaking to the file and ranks at the ceremony, the President conveyed his sincere delight in holding the national anniversary at a camp hundreds of miles east of the capital – for the first time in history –  to recognize and acknowledge the selfless service the troops so vigilantly hold for their country.

“To develop the army and identify with them is one of the hallmarks of my administration,’ President Siilaanyo said

The President cautioned the army against poltical partisanship, urging them not to be baffled or demoralized by political banter among contestants that may sometimes be construed as something that it is not.

“I ask you not to join the political fray which is not within your line of duty but that of politicians,” the President said.

The army anniversary held at Oog was widely welcomed  across all Somaliland political ranks who, for the first time, has yet to say a single negative word against it – contrary to form.


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