Somaliland Quest for Recognition Seen Gains Momentum


Groningen—  Somaliland’s long standing quest for an international recognition gains momentum after its diaspora community in Groningen’s, Netherlands have unveiled the formation of “Somaliland society in the Netherlands (SSNL) ” which its aim is to lobby for the recognition of Somaliland as an independent state.

Members of Somaliland community in the Netherlands have launched research and analysis over the years which saw the immediate creation of an association that will be used as vehicle for injecting a new blood and energy into the self-determination cause and above all to win the hearts and minds of the world in accepting Somaliland’s long-standing recognition.HollandIctiraaf1Members who have spearheaded the cause for Somaliland’s quest to get a lasting recognition from the world attended a ceremony held in the formation of new organization.

They have highlighted that the quest of an international recognition is not only a responsibility for the government but also it is a duty for all Somaliland citizens across the globe to lobby and support the cause.

The attendees and those who have founded the organization have called on all citizens to join hands with them so the efforts should bear fruit.

Chairman, Vice chairman, treasurer, general secretary and public relations persons chosen as SSNL’s first meeting concluded successfully.

Somaliland is a sovereign state that seceded from Somalia in 1991 but the territory has not gained an international recognition from the world.

It escaped much of the turmoil that plagued south Somalia ever since the central government collapsed.


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