The Arab League arrives in Somaliland


A high-level delegation from the Arab League arrives in Hargeisa, the Republic of Somaliland,  today.

The delegation is headed by Arab League special envoy to the Arab League chairman, Sayid Al Shabani.

Somaliland officials from the ministry of foreign affairs led by the deputy minister greeted the visiting delegations at Egal airport.

Assistant Minister for foreign affairs told yje press that the mission of the delegation is to assess the situation on the ground.Arab League (1)The delegation  will evaluate the needs of Somaliland government based on the 2016 projects which are to be implemented.

The Deputy Minister stated that the visit of high level delegation from the Arab League will consolidate the ties between Somaliland and the Arab League.

The delegation is due to meet with Somaliland government officials including the president Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo.


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