Somaliland: Dahabshiil donates 80K to the drought effort, government takes similar step


vlcsnap-2016-02-18-17h42m41s338At a ceremony held at the headquarters of the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Fisheries and Agriculture, Dahabshiil Group contributed generously towards the drought relief effort by handing over USD 80 000 to the Committee overseeing the effort – an amount not yet to be exceeded by any other company or individual in Somaliland.

Dahabshiil money transfer CEO, Abdirashid Farah Ahmed, pointed out that USD 30 000 of  the contribution the Group made towards the emergency relief underway came from the Hargeisa branches employees of the remittance company  and the remaining  USD 50 000 from the Operations Center of the Group.

Sheikh Hassan Abdisalam, representing the committee, profusely thanked Dahabshiil and the other companies that started off the donations being collected for drought devastated areas in Somaliland that are mostly located in the western regions of the country.

“This occasion marks the kick off a humanitarian gesture that would make a whole lot of a difference between life and death for a great number of herders and pastoral nomads in the countryside,” he said. “We are gathered here today to start the effort rolling towards its ultimate goal of proffering a helping hand to the needy.”

Present at the occasion, too, on the Dahabshiil side were the Group Deputy Chairman and member of the Drought Relief Committee, Abdirahman Ali Abdi, Group HR Manager, Ahmed Farah Jama and Hersi Barreh, Hargeisa branches overall manager.

On a similar gesture, the Somaliland cabinet of ministers, today, held its weekly end-of-week meeting at the presidential palace, here in Hargeisa, chaired by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud “Siilaanyo”.In today’s meeting, it was decided that the cabinet of ministers and MPs of the bi-cameral parliament donate 20% of their salary, to be deducted from the payroll  to the drought effort, whereas government employees and the armed and security forces will, respectively, deduct 10% and 5% from their monthly paychecks. Half the amounts slotted will be deducted at the end of February where the other half will come in at end of March for each of the three sectors named.

The national committee is chaired by His Excellency the Vive President, Abdirahman Abdullahi Zeyli’i. Th rest of the list reads:

  1. Sheekh Khaliil Cabdilaahi Axmed, Minister for Religious Affairs
  2. Zamzam Abdi Adan, Finance Minister
  3. Dr. Muuse QaasimOmar, Commerce Minister
  4. Ahmed Haji Ali Adam, Defense Minister
  5. Sharmarke Ahmed Muhumad, Cabinet of Ministers Secretary
  6. Mohamed Shukri Jama, Chairman, Chamber of Commerce
  7. Abdirahman Ali Abdi, Dahabshiil Group Vice Chairman
  8. Abdirahman Farah Harbi, Businessman
  9. Farhan Liban Ahmed, Businessman
  10. Mohamed Ali Mohamed, Oomaar
  11. Abadiwahab Mah Mohamed, Telesom
  12. Sheikh Essa Mohamoud Abdullahi
  13. Sheikh Awil Fattah Shirreh
  14. Abdirahman Sheikh Ahmed Sheikh Abdi
  15. Sheikh Mohamed Adan Muhumad
  16. Sheikh Hassan Abdisalam Sheikh Ali

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