Somaliland: Zambia accepts Somaliland passport


The Government Republic of Zambia Decided Historic Way to leading in African Nations They accepted citizens traveling with Somaliland passport can enter into her country and further allowed that the Zambia can issue visas with Somaliland travel documents.The Government Republic Of Zambia Added Of Somaliland Their  Electronic  Visa Applications system.

This is an important diplomatic step taken in the right direction.

Citizens with Somaliland travel document can go to the following countries:-

1- South Africa

2- Ethiopia

3- Djibouti

4- Belgium

5- United Kingdom

6 – France

7- South Sudan

8- Kenya

9- UAE

10: Zambia

Somaliland remains entirely unrecognized by the international community more than 25 years after it proclaimed independence from Somalia in 1991.

Turkey, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya have diplomatic office in Hargeisa.

Look Here Below Link Zambia E-Visa That To traveling in Somaliland Passport-

AA (14)


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