In 2015, Somaliland professionals organised its first annual professional event for young Somaliland professionals in the UK. This event previously endorsed by Dr Edna Adan proved to be a success. Since then, Somaliland Professionals have teamed up with other inspiring Somalilanders and in the hope of exchanging ideas, information, skills and knowledge with the aim of contributing to the development of 2016-03-11 18-10-55

The Somaliland Intellectuals Institute or (SII) which is under construction is an independent policy institute and think tank whose aim is to engage universities and research institutions, public and private enterprises, civil societies and the public as well as governments and all principal stakeholders through constructive forums bring about innovation, progress and prosperity to the people of Somaliland, Africa and the world.

This is STRICTLY for motivated Somalilanders based in the UK who are looking to network and meet like-minded people who are keen on bringing positive change in Somaliland. This is the PERFECT opportunity to expand your professional network and increase your involvement in Somaliland’s future.

We have an amazing lineup of speakers. Our speakers on the day will include:

Cllr Rakhia Ismail: A Holloway Ward Councillor, Executive Member of Islington Council and a Community Activist.  Rakhia love for art made Arts & Design an obvious degree. She graduated from the University of Arts in London and started her career as a freelance textile designer. Rakhia has also been involved in many art projects and is also the founder of ‘Back 2 Basics Create’, an art organisation and enterprise charity based in Islington that seeks financial independence for women and to aid integration.  Rakhia was awarded the ‘Local Hero Award’ at City Hall and the ‘Best Teacher of the Year’ award for Arts and Education for youth in Islington. Cllr Ismail will discuss, “The importance of civic and political participation and how young British Somalilanders can get involved in politics at a local and a national level”.

Kaltun Abdillahi:  Director of Samafal Ltd.  Kaltun graduated with a degree in Pharmacology. In 2000, after graduating from university, she decided to set up Samafal, a Social Enterprise and a Community College which specializes in finding employment and setting up small businesses for customers in benefit. So far, Samafal has been involved in setting up 120 small businesses in the UK. Kaltun is also a member of ASIC International and is currently working closely with Golis University to examine the institution as a whole along with the content and delivery of the courses and ensure that the required standards are being met. Kaltun will discuss ‘The role of women entrepreneurs in the business and economic development in Somaliland – the barriers they face and how to overcome these challenges”.

Khalid Mohamed Ali: Co-founder, UK Director & Liaison Officer of Somaliland Intellectuals Institute (SII). Khalid was also the Co-founder of United for Somali Students (USS) which is a UK based educational charity. The USS team were able to fundraise an impressive £280k which was used to sponsor 190 students to graduate from universities across the Somali horn. His interest in strategy and innovations has led him to pursue a degree in Statistics and Strategic Innovations. Khalid is also a private Educational Mentor and GCSE Mathematics Tutor. Khalid will discuss “Mobilising the Somaliland skilled diaspora, from brain drain to brain gain”.

Farah Hassan: Community activist and founder of Somaliland Professionals. Somaliland Professionals is an organisation which aims to bring together Somaliland professionals from all backgrounds who can collectively work together instigating grass root change for the betterment of Somaliland.”working in somaliland”.

Mohamed Mohammed Abdi: Director & Co-founder of Horn of Africa Young Entrepreneurs Network. Mohamed is a Business & Engineering graduate, Somaliland activist, member & project co-coordinator of Somaliland Intellectual Institute. Mohamed is passionate about issues concerning the youths in Somaliland. Mohamed will discuss, “The challenges confronting Somaliland youths and how entrepreneurship is the way forward”.

Nasir Aabi: Somaliland Community Activist. Nasir will discuss “The strategic and economic importance of the port of Berbera to Somaliland and the region”.

This event will also explore the role of Somaliland professionals and young people (who we are, where do we fit in), in the development of The Republic of Somaliland.

We will also be introducing new and up-and-coming Somaliland youth movements.

Due to high interest and limited space, tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Event schedule will be sent after tickets are bought. Photo published for SOMALILAND PROFESSIONALS- AWAKENING THE SOMALILAND POTENTIAL

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on or

WHENSaturday, 12 March 2016 from 15:00 to 20:00 (GMT) – Add to CalendarWHEREPaddington Arts – 32 Woodfield Road, London W9 2BE, United Kingdom


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