Somaliland: President Siilaanyo off on first-hand fact-finding tour on drought-affected areas (Photos)


His Excellency the President, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud “Siilaanyo”, Monday, embarked on a first-hand, fact-finding mission to worst, drought-affected areas in the western-most Somaliland regions  of Gabiley, Awdal and Selel.The President, it was reported, was much alarmed by the enormity as well as the intensity of need and deprivation leading to a number of deaths that were beamed of worst affected areas in those regions.

The President and his entourage made their first stop at a makeshift camp in Qolujeed where a great number of  families ran aground by the drought following the decimation of their livestock were settled. The delegation oversaw the distribution of much-needed relief supplies that was sent to the area to offset the heart-wrenching privation evident on the new IDPs.

On Sunday, the President handed over six ambulances to the National Drought Relief Committee to extend succor & rescue hand to the extremely malnourished, the old and feeble and the sick in areas overwhelmed by the inclement circumstances.

Sunday’s fleet of ambulances, according to the Presidency Spokesman’s official Facebook page, followed another of five that was previously transferred to same Committee.



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