Watch: Al-Kattaib’s video film of El Adde Raid Show KDF Absence of Combat Preparedness (Film, Photos)


The Al-Kattaib Foundation for Media Productions of Al-Shabaab released  a 48-minute video film of the raid the fighters made on El Adde camp on 15 January 2016.

The film quite starkly exposes the near total absence of combat preparedness on the part of the Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF), and how they were caught unawares resulting in a rout that put their command and defense tactics in lamentable disarray. If the camp’s defense was tactically better mounted, the result,  one can glean from the video, would not have been as devastating and/or as total as was shown in the aftermath.

The video is planned, quite clearly, to downplay Al-Shabaab casualties in the battle and to, instead, promote the group’s prowess and supremacy in the field.

In the film, the narrator mentions a number of KDF officers of captured without revealing the exact number. It is also said elsewhere on Twitter that some of the captured KDF combatants succumbed to their injuries at a later time leaving the question of “Do any survivors still remain captive in the hands of the conquerors?” unanswered.

The narrator vows more raids of similar ferocity if Kenya does not withdraw its forces from Somalia.

The film was posted on Twitter  and other social media pages going viral immediately.

Al-Kattaib called the film the Sheikh Abu Yahya Al-Libi Raid.

Film: English


Film: Arabic



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