Somaliland: Government Calls Somalia’s proposal to Include SL in its electoral process Preposterous


Sahradid In a press conference he held in his office, the Republic of Somaliland’s Minister of Information and National Guidance, Osman Abdillahi Sahardid has strongly denounced Somalia’s claim of Somaliland participating the Somalia’s Electoral Process in absence.

Stressing where Somaliland stands as an independent , sovereign state, Minister Sahardid called the international community to heed Somaliland’s stand.

“We are informing the International Community, including the UN, the AU, the EU, the regional organisation of IGAD,  and the US Government that there is no such unified Somalia that the Republic of Somaliland is part of it” Said Minister Sahardid who rejected the proposal made by the Somalia’s National Leadership Forum which said Somaliland is part of the Somalia’s Electoral Process in a communique released on Tuesday.

Highlighting the history of Somaliland’s fall out with Somalia, Minister Sahardid said “The union with Somalia was rejected by the people of Somaliland in 1961 when the referendum for the constitution affirming the union was held”

Accusing Somalia of violating the agreements they reached during last talks in Turkey, Minister Sahardid said “We are stating that Somalia has violated the agreements brokered by the International Community which based on equal talks”

“Somaliland has never been part of the reconciliation process of Somalia, including the recent talks in Moqadishu and others in the past and there is nobody representing the Republic of Somaliland in Somalia’s reconciliation process, whether they’re traditional tribal leaders, politicians or anybody claiming any capacity”, Said Minister Sahardid who clearly stated that Somaliland has been an outsider of Somalia’s affairs, was not part of any of that country’s plans or issues for a quarter of a century.

Rejecting any representation of Republic of Somaliland in Somalia’s Electoral Process or other talks, Minister Sahardid said “Only the government of Republic of Somaliland, which already clearly stated the sovereignty and the existence of the Republic of Somaliland which was affirmed in popular referendum can represent Somaliland’s cause”

Minister Sahardid who was directly referring to the statements made on Tuesday’s communique by Somalia’s National Leadership Forum also dismissed the idea of traditional tribal leaders that hail from Somaliland will decide who should represent Somaliland in Somalia’s Electoral Process and where they can hold the process of selecting members of the emerging two parliament houses for Somalia on behave of Somaliland as absentee from the process.

“Only the government led by H.E. President Ahmed Silanyo and the two legislative bodies can and will represent Somaliland since the people of Somaliland have directly elected them, but no other body, no matter whoever he/she is, whether he/she hails from Somaliland or not, not matter what title they might bear, there is no representatives for Somaliland (in Somalia)” Stressed Minister Sahardid.

Addressing the Somaliland nation on the latest claim made by Somalia’s AU troops protected government, Minister Sahardid warned against anybody trying to claim representing Somaliland in Somalia’s process of “nation re-building”

“We want to tell the people of Somaliland that anybody, whoever they might be, whether they are traditional leaders or politician that they can not claim to represent the Somaliland”

“Any person who tries to use as (scapegoat) the law the Somaliland parliament had amended for (talks with Somalia) will be considered as a national traitor. We’re warning against it and those (ignore us) will not have a mercy”

Admitting that the Republic of Somaliland is facing a critical point, Minister Sahardid directly appeal to the people of Somaliland not to be lured into Somalia’s political process.

“I want to tell our brothers ( and sisters) of Somaliland that the government in Mogadishu which barely controls beyond its presidential palace wants to undermine Somaliland, but I want you to be vigilant” Concluded Minister Sahardid who also took questions from the media and slammed some of the online media he also accused of  undermining Somaliland’s national security.

On the other hand, Somaliland’s minister for national security also warned against any individuals claiming representing Somaliland in Somalia’s political process and he also appealed to the nation to be more vigilant, but not be wary as Somaliland’s foundation is unshakable and its people are known for steadfast loyalty to their country.madasha copy

The latest claim of Somaliland will be represented in Somalia’s Electoral Process was not expected and the communique that outlining how Somaliland will be part of the process has already become a backlash to those Somalia’s federal state members orchestrated it and in Somaliland, the proposal is seen as talk of gibberish  and un-implementable.



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