Somalia insults Somaliland essence, sense of being


What the southerners have done is something no patriot in this country can stomach.New PictureThe Mogadishu government which have still not yet set administrative institutions in its own backyard have for the past quarter of a century closed her eyes to realities and continued to daydream that Somaliland is part of it.

The latest provocative act from Mogadishu, as rightly put by our President, was to some pundits, across the corner.
This column, despite being angered by it just as any other Somaliland patriot, is not really surprised.

At the rate and speed that the Mogadishu players were overdoing each other to always undermine the SL- Somalia talks by flouting the 6 basic Chevening House and later Dubai rules of engagement.

Words from their President, Speaker and subsequent Premiers were clear in their mirth.

From terming our independence celebrations derogatory as illusions (of the possessed) to worse actions of diplomatic “terrorism” to abetting and being in cahoots in subversion to blatant public gaffes, it was just too clear that worse more was to come.
Somaliland is not Somalia. To be frank, we should counter all attacks with all justifiable efforts in a concerted manner. This is all the more reason we should be solidly united and together, the old, the young and sundry, Somaliland should stand up to be counted and defend our integrity, our aspirations and our future.

We should block all loopholes and steer our vessel sternly; we should be bolder and spread our wings wider hence fly higher.
What we have gone through is quite clear. Where we are is well exhibited. Who we are needs no further explanations.

For a foreign government to list our traditional leaders and call them to “appoint representatives” to go to Mogadishu and “elect a leader” is not only provocative, abusive, subversive or blatantly undermining our integrity, but indeed a terrible insult to our sense of being, our essence and our aspirations.

How could we sit round a table with such foes together alone? Where do we start the continuation of the talks?
Definitely not from where it was last paused.

We need the wider pointers of our partners and friends as spelt out in the Chevening House to be indulged in our affairs so as to avoid further unwarranted scenarios.somaliland_is_not_somaliaSomalia should stop forthwith from uncalled for dirty games that can only be seen as naivety.
As put rightly by our President, UNHELPFUL. We support all his words in his statement, just as we support Hon. Waran’ade’s cautionary statement.

We echo all the words of the Information minister Hon. Sahardid.

It is a fact that all Somalilanders were jolted by the latet southerners’ move and are warily doubtful of the sincerity of Somalia in the intended talks initiated way back in 2012 hence severally short-circuited by our foes.

The list of ill-innuendoes, whether in form of utterances or formal or inactions are too long to be cited here.

Somalilanders, unity is the only way forward.

______________________________________________________       SomalilandSun/Horn Tribune



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