Berbera Investment Group Ltd., Edna Adan Brief the world on Somaliland


A group called the Berbera Investment Group Ltd. put together a well-documented brief on investment opportunities in Berbera and the rest of the Republic of Somaliland which covers a number of areas that include the large reserves of cement deposits, gemstones, coal, oil, dairies, and fisheries.

Both briefs are presented in a context that highlights milestones crucial to a conceptual understanding of what the Republic of Somaliland stands for, what it means to the tenacious people who founded it and nurtured it to life in a volatile region in the Horn of Africa.

The first is more on the economic side where the second profoundly delivers a strong socio-political message that is hard not to touch strings.

The reports, to Somtribune, are, indeed,  rich finds that we are proud to reproduce here.

Voice of SomalilandEast African Investment s.r.o.


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