Somaliland: Hargeisa sends unmistakable message in president’s reception on arrival (Slideshows, videos)


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The residents of the capital of the Republic of Somaliland sent an unmistakable message to the world in the volume, nature, colors, words and turnout evident in receiving the President, H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud “Siilaanyo”, and his entourage of Ministers back from the UAE where the delegation signed a historic agreement with DP World on Berbera development, Berbera Corridor connecting the Gulf of Aden seaport to the commercial Somaliland-Ethiopia border town of Togwajaale – among many more.

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The population used every means to show to the President how thrilled they were in the courageous steps he has taken to put the Republic of Somaliland smack on the route to world class development along international standards embodied in nationally beneficial schemes such as the Berbera-DP World deal, the Erigavo-Burao highway and the like.

This last reception, preceding just 3 days to the 25th anniversary of the restoration of independence to Somaliland, showed the fervor of Somalilanders’ nationalism and unstinted support to sovereignty.

To Somalia and Waddani party, members of whom have used similar words to denigrate the Berbera deal, it was a political slap on the face showing the true anti-Somaliland sentiments the two sides shared, as was echoed by Somalilanders taken aback by the vehemence of their opposition to employment-creating projects .

In Mogadishu, it was Nur Farah, a failed ex-political figure who, when his  association ‘Gurmad’ – a  runner-up to the status of national Party platform –  flopped ran to Mogadishu to sabotage his homeland.

On the other hand, H.E. the Minister for Presidency, Mohamoud Hasi Abdi, accompanying the President during his visit, elaborated on the benefits of the Berbera-DP World agreement highlighting the potential economic and political opportunities inherent in the project.



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