Dahabshiil comes to the aid of floods-displaced families


The international remittance company, Dahabshiil, came to the aid of families displaced by  Webi Shabelle overflooding as a result of torrential rains in Ethiopia.vlcsnap-2016-06-04-17h13m08s189

The company distributed on Friday, June 3, essential food items that adequately covered basic needs of around 1000 families at the El Jalle area of Beletwein, Hiiran .

Osman Dhagahow, head of Dahabshiil remittance presence in the Hiiraan, wished the beneficiaries well praying that no more calamities of this magnitude befall on families that have no recourse to alternatives to forestall them.

“Dahabshiil is forever ready to help out as quickly as can be in situations like this but we sincerely pray that Allah may preserve us from further exposure to natural disasters that none of us can adequately cover the human stress impacted,” he said.

Yesterday’s distribution followed a $120 000-donation the company made to the same area under the same circumstances a year or so back.vlcsnap-2016-06-04-17h13m29s520 vlcsnap-2016-06-04-17h12m37s201Beneficiaries gratefully welcomed the reprieve.

Dahabshiil, which services can be found in over 120 countries worldwide, has proven the lifeline of Somalis not only in the transfer of moneys but also in responding to relief efforts on the ground whenever the need arose.


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