Somaliland: Hargeisa will have access to enough clean water by early 2017


Hargeisa Water Agency officials and government ministers took part in a ceremony marking the completion of a water expansion project in Ayaxa 1 & 2 village in the south of Hargeisa.

Maareeyaha BiyahaThe ceremony marking the completion of the water expansion project in Ayaxa 1 & 2 was taken part by the minister of National Planning and Development (MoNPD) Mr.  Ali Hussein Ismael Jirde (Ali Shoombe), the Minister of Water Resources Mr. Bashe Ali Jama accompanied by the Manager of Hargeisa Water Agency Mr. Ibrahim Siad, Ms. Edna Adam and representatives of Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) who funded this project.

These officials first monitored the water pumping centres of Ayaxa 1 & 2 in Haraf residential area in the south of Hargeisa mostly inhabited by IDPs and other impoverished communities who are expected to benefit from the 302m3 of clean water pumped by these new water facilities on daily basis. This project was implemented by Hargeisa Water Agency from April, 2015 50 April, 2016.

Eng.Khaleef who was representing SDF gave detail of the project, which took a year to complete and contained the lay down of water pipes in a 5.1Km long distance, the construction of 7 water pumping stations with each having 4 water taps and the installation of two different types of water pumpers in the water refining centre in Haraf in the South of Hargeisa.

Ms. Edna Adam representing the Hargeisa Water Agency technical committee suggested that this village is in need of a bigger water storage facility, she said “ I request the donors of this project to create a bigger water storage facility because it is a rocky mountainous area .”

The manager of Hargeisa Water Agency who also spoke at the launching ceremony of Ayaxa 1& 2 village water pumping stations thanked the SDF Donors who funded this project and congratulated the Ayaxa 1 & 2 inhabitants that they will receive a clean water from now onwards and urged them to maintain their water providing facilities.

Ali Shoombe the minister of planning and development also gave his thanks to the donors of this project, emphasising that a close cooperation between his ministry, the ministry of Water Resources and Hargeisa Water Agency would be needed if the water shortages in the country’s capital were to be tamed.

Finally, The Minister of Water Resources Mr. Bashe Ali Jama, also explained the different water expansion projects and other ambitious plans intended to address the precarious water shortage situation in Hargeisa, the minister explained that three water wells were dug in Horahadley plus the installation of 6 Km long water pipes which would link them to Geed Deeble  and from there another 23 KM long water pipes would be installed which would link them to Hargiesa water storage facilities; the mentioned project and a  number of other projects are among a number of projects intended to give enough water to the capital’s   growing population.



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