Tension in Mandera after al-Shabaab attack


Suspected al-Shabaab militants  ambushed  and killed five police officers and injured four others on Monday, June 20.Five police officers killed after al-Shabaab ambush in Mandera

The police vehicle and bodies of the police officers were completely burnt after the deadly ambush by the terror group.

The attack occurred at village of Dabacity, ElWak in Mandera county.

The police vehicle according to reports was escorting a Makkah bus that was heading to Mandera town.

One police officer is missing with fears he could have been taken hostage by the militant group.

A major manhunt launched for militants the militants responsible in the attack led by KDF and the police.Tension in Mandera after al-Shabaab attackMilitants from al-Shabaab group. Photo/AP

Mandera Governor Ali Roba in a tweet condemned the attack on the police officers by the terror group.

The governor also decried the lack of action from security agencies even after locals had warned of potential attacks by the group.

We condemn the attack by Alshabab at Dimu this morning 5 police officers killed The info about their presence was long shared by the locals

 On June 3, 2016, al- Shabaab fighters ambushed two police vehicles heading to Arabia from Mandera.

The attack on the police vehicles left three police officers injured.Tension in Mandera after al-Shabaab attackAl-Shabaab killed 28 non-Muslims mostly teachers in a bus attack in 2014.

In a deadly dawn attack on a Makkah bus in 2014 al-Shabaab militants killed 28 non-muslim passengers mostly teachers heading for the Christmas holidays.

Al-Shabaab has used the porous border between Kenya and Somalia to infiltrate the country and carry out random attacks on civilian and government facilities.

The government in March, 2016, had given a security alert of areas in Kenya that could be prone to al-Shabaab attacks.

ElWak in Mandera county was cited as an area under the risk of al-Shabaab incursions and attacks.

Other areas in Mandera named as al-Shabaab targets are Fino and ElWak areas.

Other areas in danger of attacks are: IIkambere, Kolbio areas in Garrisa county and Boni Forest in the coast region.

The warnings on possible attacks had come after intelligence sources said several groups of al-Shabaab militants had infiltrated into Kenya across the border with Somalia.



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