Somaliland: President receives new German Ambassador to Somaliland/Somalia (Pictures, Video)


His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud “Siilaanyo”, received the new Ambassador  of Germany to Somaliland/Somalia, Ms Jutta Frasch, and a delegation he headed at his office on Thursday.

The President in his opening remarks expressed his country’s gratitude to the German government and its people for a ‘substantial’ hand they had lent many projects contributing to the overall development in Somaliland.

“I am particularly impressed by your country’s sincere contribution to programs  availing adequate, clean water to people and to your telling involvement in projects relating to  education and agriculture,” the President stated.

His Excellency the president asked the German government to continue supporting the matured, democratic process in Somaliland.

“We are preparing for the upcoming 2017 elections for parliament seats and the presidency,” he said. “We hope that you – in your capacity as Germany and as a member of the European Union – continue and step up your support towards this effort”.

The President outlined Somaliland’s role in furthering respect for peace and stability and the tradition of democratic precepts that accept nothing short of fair and free choice of leaders in a region that can use a beacon to emulate which Somaliland has proven to be.

On her part, Her Excellency the madame ambassador, Ms. Frasch, assured the President of her country’s determination to stand behind the on-going developmental projects they have initiated, and that Germany should be slated as a steadfast friend and ally to the government and people of Somaliland.

“We congratulate you, Mr. President, on the progress made in the democratization process,” Ambassador Frasch said, thanking the President for the cordial reception accorded her and the delegation she led.

The Ambassador said that her delegation, indeed, was going to visit projects her government supported, and that, also, she would find time to sit with key leaders among the political parties in order to discuss salient landmarks crucial to the electoral process.

Germany committed more than 23 million Euros on projects implemented in Somaliland.

Finally, the Ambassador underlined that Germany would relate with Somaliland as an equal partner as it does with other countries in the region.

Present, on the Somaliland side, at the meeting were the His Excellency the Vice President, Abdirahman Abdullahi  Ismail ‘Zeyli’i’, Minister for Presidency, Mohamoud Hashi Abdi, Minister for Planning Ali Hussein Ismail ‘Shombe’, and Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Adan Ismail ‘Keise’.

Later in the evening, the Ambassador met with the leaders of the three national parties of Somaliland at Ambassador hotel.

Meeting over a working dinner, the two sides talked of how best the country could effect another flawless ‘coup’ in the forthcoming elections of 2017 .

The climate over which the Somaliland political parties met with theAmbassador was, indeed, very warm and, thus, the talks were conducted and concluded on a mutually appreciated note.

Among Ambassador Frasch’s delegation was the outgoing first Secretary of the German Embassy in Nairobi, Mr. Christian Resch.





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