Police in Kiambu gunned down five armed gangsters on Friday.

They also recovered a pistol, a revolver, five rounds of ammunition and several items used to break into houses.

Area county commander James Mugera said the five were trailed from Nairobi by CID officers.

The suspects were prompted to stop, but declined and started firing at police officers.

Officers returned fire and the five were shot dead.

Mugera said the five are believed to be part of a gang that has been terrorising Kiambu residents.

He said police are remaining vigilant to ensure weapons recovered are not lost.

He added that they are pursuing other gang members.

Kiambu MP Jude Njomo who was at the scene commended police for good work as they acted swiftly on information provided by the public.

Last month, Njomo provided police with mobile phones which public can call in times of distress.

He urged Kiambu residents to be giving out information on crime or suspicious activities in their areas.



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