Somaliland: Dahabshiil gives boost to Dhumay mediation initiative


Khadar Ali Jama, CEO of Dahabshiil Group, Sool, disclosed that the companies would partially ease the expensive burden of the pacification process underway in Dhumay of Sool to contain the costly hostilities which recently claimed more than forty lives in the area.

Mr. Khadar said the Group fully supported the mediation process which traditional elders/leaders have started in the areas of conflict to bring  two warring sides of the Dhulbahante clan to negotiate a lasting settlement.

“The Group wishes to show its unmitigated support of the Dhumay-Dharkeengeenyo pacification process by partially  easing off some of the costs accrued in the most commendable peace efforts undergoing in the areas of conflict,” he said.vlcsnap-2016-08-01-08h57m38s265

Mr. Khadar revealed at the brief conference he held to announce the support that Dahabshiil Group would contribute an initial US$10 000 to the process.

Elders and other prominent  members present at the venue also spoke of the valuable role Dahabshiil Group played in socially beneficial efforts such as pacification processes, education, health, infrastructure, etc.

The elders said they were particularly grateful to the founder, Mohamed Saeed Duale, the DG Chairman, Abdirashid Duale, and the Deputy Chairman, Abdirahman Ali Abdi.

Besides the Sool CEO of Dahabshiil, Mr. Khadar A Jama, present at the media briefing were Abdirahman Omar Ali Ayr “Aweer”, Abdinassir Ahmed Qaybdiid, Bashir Ahmed Hayir and Abdullahi Jama Sharif.

Sunday’s announcement closely follows a similar gesture in which Dahabshiil delighted children at the Las Anod orphanage center earlier in July as part of the Group’s Ramadan social responsibility initiatives.


Dahabshiil Group sets aside a hefty portion of its yearly budgets for corporate social responsibility activities that contribute greatly to social development schemes.

Dahabshiil has offices in over 120 countries around the world, a fact that makes it the number choice for Somalia and other African communities in the Diaspora.



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