A hand-over ceremony of new Police Uniform for the Somaliland Police took place at the Somaliland Police Headquarter in Hargeisa which was presented by the UNDP, Deputy Country Director for Programmes to the State Minster of Security and the Police Commissioner in the presence of the donors and representatives of the international community.

On behalf of Somaliland Government, Mr. Mohamed Mouse Dirie, the State Minister of Security indicated that he was highly appreciative of the fact that majority of officers will a get a full set of uniforms including shirts, trousers, working shoes/boots, socks, belts and peak caps for commissioned and non-commissioned male officers. The gender balance is being adhered to in the Somaliland Police where 700 uniforms have been specially designed for the Women Police Officers who are currently serving. The women police will be dressed in skirts, skirts and head-cover/Hijab and belts.

“As Somaliland Police Commissioner, I am very glad to receive such striking uniforms through the Joint Rule of Law Programme which is funded by the Multi-Partner Trust Fund, said the Somaliland Police Commissioner, Brigadier General Abdillahi Fadal Iman.

It will be for the first time in Somaliland History that 6000 police uniform sets will be distributed and provided to women and men police officers, said Colonel Mohamed Barud, the Head of Logistic and Finance Department in Somaliland Police.

Mr. David Akopyan, the Deputy Country Director/Programmes of UNDP said that it was expected that the police uniforms would inculcate more discipline and self-esteem of the uniformed service, increase safety and increase public confidence.

The new police uniforms will ensure that the public is able to identify and distinguish police personnel from other law enforcement and security officials while they were on the streets undertaking foot patrolling in the urban and peri-urban areas.

A proper identification for the police will not only improve the visibility of the police officers but also reduce the fear of reporting of crime by the community.


DFID – UK Department for International Development European Commission – Development & Cooperation – EuropeAid

Somaliland police get new uniforms
Mr. Akupyan and Minister Derie with General Fadal looking on
Somaliland government
Somaliland government takes over the uniform consignment from the UNDP’s Akupyan

Somaliland police get new uniformsSomaliland government


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