CCTV’s Faces of Africa: South Africa, Somalia


The Junk Art Family

South Africa is a vast and fascinating country.  At the southern most tip is Cape Town, a beautiful city that has become one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

But there is another less visible side to Cape Town that is less affluent and glamorous. Many people still live in crowded and littered townships.
Three artists from Cape Town have been on a mission of turning scrap into useful products.

Big Mouth and The Somali Pirates

Over the years Somalia has hit the international charts as the world’s hub for piracy along its coastline, the longest one in Africa.

“Faces Of Africa” brings you the Father of Piracy, Mohamed Abdi Hassan popularly known as Afweyne “Big Mouth” in Somali and his band of Somali pirates.

CCTV Africa – Strengthening news coverage in Africa


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