Help Nasriin, our Somali student, receive cancer treatment!


Nasriin Mahamud is a former student of ours from Somaliland who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma a little over a year ago. I and her other former volunteer teachers have been trying to help Nasriin through her courageous fight against cancer.

Nasriin’s home country offers no cancer diagnosis or treatment options, so she and her mother traveled for days in Fall 2015 so she could be diagnosed in Ethiopia. We then arranged for Nasriin to receive treatment at Partners in Health (PIH) in Rwanda through collective donations from people like you. Above you see her pictured at the PIH medical center where she received chemotherapy before leaving the country cancer-free. However, after returning to Somaliland for college interviews, Nasriin’s cancer returned.

Nasriin’s PIH doctors in Rwanda determined that her best chance to live is to receive another round of chemo followed by radiation, which will decrease the likelihood of her cancer returning. This will require her to receive treatment from Apollo Hospital in Chennai, India. For the last two months we have worked through a very complicated visa process and now Nasriin has both the medical appointment and travel visas for her and her mom. With expenses totaling $22,000 and half of the money already raised, we are hoping to raise $11,000 of money to pay for the remaining cost for treatment, accommodation, and travel expenses.
Treatment = $15,000
Travel = $4,000
Accommodation = $3,000
Total = $22,000 – $11,000 raised = $11,000 needed

Organizer: Kelly Heller

By donating, you’ll be contributing to cover the costs of treatment, flights, and accommodation for Nasriin and her mother. Every little bit helps. On behalf of Nasriin and her family, and all of her former teachers, thank you for your generosity.

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