Somalia: Five Dead As El Wak Falls to Al-Shabaab


Heavily armed fighters from Al-Shabaab have launched deadly attack on Somali army base outside El Wak town near Kenya border, witness said on Friday. The militants were reportedly armed with BKM machine-guns, AK47s and RPGs have assailed the army camp and killed at least 5 soldiers, a witness said who asked to be unnamed.

Initial reports say that police boss identified as Aden Koronto was among the slain soldiers by Al-Shabaab. He added seven Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF) vehicles that were recently seized by Al-Shabaab were involved in the attack.

The town fell into Al-Shabaab hands after military forces have withdrawn from the town of Elwak and retreated towards Kenyan border. The seizure of the town after militant commanders started lecturing to the local residents and called on villagers to be stable.

The residents whom we spoke to the phone have expressed deep concern over fresh attacks by Somalia army along with Kenyan forces, in a bid to liberate the town. The town was heavily shelled by Kenyan forces based near the border.

Somalia and Kenyan forces are reportedly preparing an operation against Al-Shabaab militants, who took control of Elwak town. No word from government officials over the attack on military base in Somalia’s Elwak town in Gedo region.



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