Somaliland Constitutional Court endorses separated elections

Somaliland Constitutional Court President Adan Haj Ali
Somaliland Constitutional Court President Adan Haj Ali

The Honorable Chief Justice of the Republic of Somaliland’s Constitutional Court, Adam Haji Ali, dismissed Waddani Party’s lawsuit against the proposal of His Excellency the President, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud ‘Siilaanyo’, on the infeasibility of concurrent presidential and parliamentary elections in the beginning of 2017. The President also submitted a four-page sum up of the constitutional provisos, reasons, and conditions on which he based his exercise of an executive proposal on the slated elections.

The Constitutional Court, the Chief Justice stated today, studied both sides of the argument and reached, after much deliberation, a decision in favor of the separation of election dates.

The Chief Justice read the Court Statement from the bench, Monday, in front of  all the major stakeholders of the electoral process.

All the three national political parties stated they will abide by the CC decision and uphold it without further ado.

Today’s ruling supersedes and replaces a ruling the same court reached on 15 august the previous year in which it set concurrent elections to be conducted in March 2017.

The ruling will be duly submitted to the Upper House of the Somaliland – the Guurti – which is the only national body mandated to set extensions to specify term and date.



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