Somalia: Heavy fighting breaks out in Galkayo again


Heavy fighting erupted on Thursday morning between forces loyal to Puntland and Galmudug in Galkayo city, the administrational capital of Mudug region, Garowe Online reports.

Both forces used heavy artillery and gunfire that could be heard across the town, according to eyewitnesses. Security official in Galkayo, told GO that Galmudug forces have instigated the fighting whose been regrouping in the past days to re-launch attacks against Puntland.

Earlier, Puntland government official has denied any peace agreement with neighboring Galmudug but indicated there were ongoing talks between officials from both administrations.

Puntland President Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gaas whose currently in Ethiopia, has concluded his recent trip to UAE, however, Puntland State House hasn’t released statement regarding talks between both leaders.

On the other hand, Ethiopian Foreign Ministry has announced recently an underway peace pact between the warring administrations aimed to end the tensions in Mudug region.

The reports of peace agreement between Puntland and Galmudug was covered by GO and indicated difference between Puntland government to accept the deal that was brokered by Somali government.



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