Somaliland: Three-day cultural event opens at Maansoor


Three days’ cultural event attracting various artistic groups and drama troupes from all regions of the country opened yesterday at the Mansoor hotel.

The 3 day’s event was jointly organized by the Academy of Peace and Development(APD)and the Ministry of Information and National Guidance.

Mr. Mohamed Farah Hirsi, the executive director of The Academy of Peace and Development(APD) speaking during the launching of the two-day’s event said, “The aim of the 3 days’ event is meant to promote creativity among young people in Somaliland.

“The 3 day’s event is not the first in the country as you’re aware and through such events which serve as a platform to showcase talented and hardworking Somalilanders. I urge youths to be creative in the field of work they find themselves. I hope during tjhe course this event those taking part shall have the oppotunity to showcase their work, but also to get the younger generation be interested in the art world, said Mr. Mohamed Farah Hersi.sawirkii-warkaHon. Shukri Hariir Ismael, the Deputy Minister of Information and National Guidance speaking during the opening ceremony of the 3-day’s cultural event said,” Somaliland Ministry of Information’s is in-charge disseminating information and media development in public and private sectors and national guidance be it through informing the public on national, social and cultural issues.

“The Ministry of Information and National Guidance will leverage on the cultural industry of the nation by help young people who wanted to acquire skills and trade. I believe having a creative mind set together with resilience of young people will be a good starting point for the ‘Change’ we so desperately seek for us to thrive as a country’, she said.

Finally, the Deputy Minister of Information and National Guidance thanked all those participating in the event.

The event was jointly implemented by APD and Interpeace and funded by the Federal government of Germany and EU .



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