His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud, paid visits to Vice President Abdirahman Abdullahi Zayli’i who suffered a minor fracture on hip at his home here in Hargeisa.Somaliland at its bestThe Vice President told the President that he was not adversely worried about his condition as the doctors reassured him that his was not an alarming condition, showing a minor fracture on him. The VP also suffered some bruising on elbow caused by his fall.

The VP’s injuries were caused by a slippery floor in his bath room.

The President wished the VP speedy recovery.

At the Mohamed Adan Sheikh Children’s Hospital, the President went to the bedside of a child was being prepared for a heart operation.

The child was said to have been born with a rare heart defect that could only be corrected with a difficult, unpredictable operation (NB: the operation undertaken after the President’s visit succeeded).

A seasoned Italian doctor is taking on the operation – the first of its kind not only in Somaliland but in the whole region, as reported. 

His Excellency stayed by the bedside of the young patient, praying for a successful operation.

President Siilaanyo has become famous for impromptu visits to hospitals and social centers to assess conditions on the ground without perusing them from clinical, apathetic reports – steps that may still prove to be a pass-code succeeding heads of state will yet find hard to surpass.  Only the evening before, the President received all the teams participating in the second round of the country’s regional sports tournament at his Palace.Somaliland VP residence


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