Malik Obama meets Kenyans wrath over ‘corrupt media’ claims


Kenyans on social media took a swipe at Malik Obama, outgoing US president Barack Obama’s half-brother, following a post on twitter suggesting that the country’s media is “corrupt”.

“Kenya: Crooked and corrupt media and press! If you want them to write something give them some money!” he said.

The comment did not go down well with his followers among other twitter users who dismissed him as being “stupid and unreasonable”.

“I think you are too much my ward-mate,@POTUS gave you a name without him, the Obama name would be nothing and your business is yapping around,” Vincent Ogaya said.

Steve Nabe said: “You are mud slinging Kenyan media.You must ask western media about unfair reporting towards Africa.”

“Corruption is a two way traffic ,those who give & those who receive, it not only in Kenya but everywhere#respect our media,” Edward Lundu said.

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Other users told Malik off and asked him to ‘style up and stop wasting characters on his timeline’.

“You’re wasting characters Malik, Crooked and corrupt are the same thing, Media and press are the same thing,” a user by the name Realized Republic said.

“The media is corrupt anywhere, Malik. Stay strong, we will make the whole world great again!” another user stated.

“Haha… sounds exactly like the American mainstream media,” Lili Pearse said.

Last week, Malik went on a Twitter rant against the US president after Republican Candidate Donald Trump won the presidential election.

Malik said in July that he was unhappy with Obama’s leadership and would vote for Trump in the poll that took place on November 8.

The man took to the social media platform to congratulate the Republican presidential nominee and mock Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

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Malik, a US citizen, has lived in Washington since 1985 where he worked with various firms before becoming an independent financial consultant.


By NANCY AGUTU, @nancyagutu


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