Somalia: Al Shabaab seizes Goofgaduud near Baidoa


Militant fighters linked to Al Shabaab have retaken control of Goofgaduud village, located 35 km north of Baidoa town, regional capital of Southwest state, after a deadly overnight attack on military base belonging to pro-government forces, Garowe Online reports.

At least four Southwest state soldiers, and several Al Shabaab members are reported killed in the battle, according to local residents who spoke to GO over the phone.

Al Qaida-affiliated Al Shabaab militants gained control of the village for the second time in a month, whereas pro-government forces have retreated back to nearby bases and attempting to launch counter offensive against the militant.

Southwest State officials did not comment on the seizure of Goofgaduud, whose control has been changing in hands between Somali troops and Al shabaab militants over the past few months.

The militant group which is trying to topple western-backed Somali Federal government based in Mogadishu, has retaken control of several small villages in south and central Somalia after the withdrawal of Ethiopian troops.Shabaab captures Goofgaduud after attacks


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