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On Twitter, on websites, the international community led by the United Nations lead themselves and the conscience of the world astray as they nullify all that stupid talk about fallacies called ‘DEMOCRACY’, ‘HUMAN RIGHTS’, SELF-DETERMINATION’, FREEDOM OF CHOICE/ASSOCIATION’ and the like.

A Somaliland that has matured to a ripe age of 25, a Somaliland that has celebrated its silver jubilee on May last, A Somaliland that has shed bled, buried tens of thousands of its sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters; a Somaliland that has been for twenty-five years healing the wounds left it by a world that indulged a brutal dictator with state-of-art weapons, fighter jets, military ‘advisors’ and millions and millions of dollars in ‘aid’… is again attacked from all fronts by the same inane, frozen brains in whose vocabulary no longer figures ‘Equality’, ‘Justice’, ‘Fair Dealing’.

Hypocrisy rules again. Self-interest rears its ugly mug. Gluttony decides judgment. Cruelty reaps profits. The poor, the voiceless are once more the target practice for barren theories, for impotent philosophies, for killer products.

How such a waning shadow of a once-glorious world revels in make-belief politics, and hand-inseminated ‘elections’ in Somalia is a glaring example.

How such a world rejoices in the belief that few mercenaries in Mogadishu represent Somaliland in the so-called elections plopping the final handfuls of dirt on the grave of democracy as it was known is a message to all of us that cannot be missed.

How millions and millions of honest taxpayers’ money is squandered in Mogadishu by the likes of Mr. Keating and Lorenzo and Hassan Sheikh and the many novices catapulted to Mogadishu and Nairobi as ‘diplomats’ and ‘heads of missions’ is a joke played on the UN, US and European constituents that cannot be allowed to pass by unnoticed, undocumented.

The crimes that the UN, the EU, and others are perpetrating against Somaliland behind the safety of their AMISOM-guarded desks in Mogadishu, is nothing lesss than a ‘crime against humanity’ that is worthy of The Hague’s attention.

A Sample:

Somaliland and northern regions begin voting for the House of the People

Published on 06 Dec 2016

Mogadishu, 6 December 2016 – Six candidates were elected to the House of the People as voting for Somaliland and northern regions commenced today in the Somali capital.

The victorious candidates included Somalia’s Deputy Prime Minister Mohamed Omar Arte, former Foreign Affairs Minister Abdirahman Du’ale Bayle and two women, the former Member of Parliament (MPs) Asha Mohamud Omar and Yurub Ahmed Raabi.

Source: Reliefweb drawing on UNSOM Report




Here Mr. Keating tweets of elctoral process credibility, when he knows the Somali elections are no where near ‘credible’ as they a Somaliland that has better institutions than any Somalia can ever hope for in this lifetime:

And the graphic Mr. Keating is so happy about is of one of their offshoots, Wakiil (Also retweeted by UK in Somalia):

Among the MPs in both houses of this so-called election are mercenaries from Somaliland that are being kidded as ‘representatives of their homeland – the Republic of Somaliland, a home yjey can only return at their own risk as traitors.


UNSOM retweets the following telling us Somaliland is holding elections in an AMISOM guarded compound in Mogadishu, Somalia:


As retweeted by Nicholas Kay:


UNSOM Tweets the timetable of Somalia elections and how it is expected to wrap up with the ‘Somaliland’ MPs it signals apperoval of:


The EU Mission

Veronique Lorenzo, EU Ambassador to Somalia. Follow our Delegation , retweets (notice Somaliland in the same line with Somalia federal states, indicating the Head of EU mission’s approval):


And, earlier, retweeted the same Wakiil’s:


Ms Lorenzo again retweets Mikael Lindvall’s supportive view of Somalia elections that include ‘Somaliland’:


EU External Action tweets the following, forgetting Somalilanders are also humans the EU does not recognize as such as in above:



UK in Somalia

Ms Harriet Mathews, UK ambassador to Somalia:



All Somalilanders, all human rights activists, all humans with conscience must stand up and speak out against the conspiracies, injustice being committed in Mogadishu against the people of Somaliland.

What is happening is a precursor, a prelude to another genocide against Somaliland as the so-called elections of Somalia are approved of by the UN, the EU, the US and the United Kingdom despite the fact that the ‘parody of elections’  sweep in into their lap the twenty-five year old Republic of Somaliland through mercenaries lurking in Mogadishu as fugitives and traitors sought by Somaliland laws.

Must you drag Somaliland into the mess that is Somalia for you help it find its feet again? Don’t you think you are leading it into a darker, murkier, false uncertainties, rift and turmoil?

Can’t you, the International Community, go back and read your history books to acquaint yourself on who, what Somaliland is?

What is happening in full view in Mogadishu can only conjure the following descriptions in healthy minds:





Long Live Somaliland!

By Abdishakur Essa




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