Somalia: DG of Puntland Presidency killed in Bosaso


The Director of  (the Puntland) Presidential Palace in Bosaso, Adan Gas, was killed on Tuesday afternoon, at Hotel Huruse in Bosaso city, by unknown assailants, Garowe Online reports

Reports said that Gaas was shot dead at the hotel by armed men, who fled the crime scene before the arrival of the security authority.

Gaas held the post, Director of Presidential Palace for more than 10 years and he was well-known official to the public.

However, the reason behind the killing of the official is unclear and no group has claimed responsibility for the killing, whereas the authority is carrying out investigations to apprehend the culprits.

The incident comes following the killing of the third deputy commander of Police forces, Jama Sahardiid, in Bosaso city, by unknown gunmen, last week.

So far the security authority hasn’t captured the culprits behind the killing of the Police official, but Bari  Governor stated that forces have arrested 120 suspects linked to the crime.

The security situation in Bosaso city has deteriorated lately and coincides with the joint military offensive launched against faction affiliated to the Islamic State group, who captured Qandala port town last October but were pushed out in the beginning of December.


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