Redsea Cultural Foundation is delighted to invite you to a public lecture by professor Ahmed Ismail Samatar (Thursday 29 December), followed by a subscription based lecture (Thursday 5th January 2017) on state and leadership. Both sessions will be hosted by the Hargeysa Cultural Centre.

Thursday 29th December, 2016 “On Election of Donald Trump and Its Possible Implications for Somaliland” 

Public lecture. Open for all. No invitation card is required. Subscribe online or send e-mail to
Venue: Hargeysa Culturall Centre –  19.45-21.30.The 2016 United States presidential election had two unusual characteristics: (a) a woman, for the first time in the country’s history, became the nominee for one of the two major parties, and (b) the contest was extraordinarily uncivil and divisive. In the end, the least expected candidate, Donald Trump, won — though he lost the popular vote by more than 2.5 million ballots. President Trump’s in-coming administration seems to promise drastic change in both domestic public policy and approach to world affairs.

This presentation interrogates two pertinent questions: (a) what were some of the main reasons behind Trump’s unexpected victory?  and (b) what are some possible implications, if any, for Somaliland.
Thursday 5th January 2017 “On State and Leadership”
Free subscription is required. Invitation card is provided upon subscription. Limited posts Subscribe online or send e-mail to
Venue: Hargeysa Culturall Centre –  18.30-21.00.
In all modern societies, the imperatives of a viable collective and civic interactions require two critical elements: a state and leadership. The first is, in the pithy expression of Stuart Hall, ” a historical phenomenon,” created by human beings that comprises a constellation of norms and institutions, to conduct associational life. The second, gives an immediate human definition to the abstraction. That is, it captures the women and men who, in addition to producing the ideas that undergird  the state, command its apparatuses.
This lecture offers : (a) a compact exploration of the two concepts, and (b) makes an attempt to relate the concepts to the contemporary age in the Republic of Somaliland.
Ahmed I. Samatar, is a magna-cum-laude graduate of the University of Wisconsin (la Crosse) and with a Masters and a Doctorate degrees from Graduate school of International Studies, from Denver University. The James Wallace Professor of International Studies at Macalester, he was dean of International Studies and Programming (1994-2006) and founding dean of the Institute for Global Citizenship, 2006-2011).  Samatar has held deanship at Macalester for nearly 18 years.
Professor Samatar’s expertise is in the areas of global political economy, political and social theory, and African development. He is the author/editor of five books and over forty academic articles, including The State in Africa: Reconsiderations. He is the founding (2001) and continuing editor-in-chief of Bildhaan, the first international journal of Somali Studies, as well as editor of twenty seven volumes of Macalester International, a publication of liberal arts education and internationalism.

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