President Kenyatta warns against foreign interference with polls


President Uhuru Kenyatta has warned against polarization of the country and instead urged Kenyans to harness their energies and work toward the vision of a prosperous, secure and fair country as the nations ushers in its election year.

In his new year’s message, the president who was speaking from Mombasa was keen to warn against any foreign or domestic interference during the 2017 polls saying he will not allow interference with the will of the people.

“2017 is our year of being honest and sober.  Firm in not being swayed and exploited and firm in taking strong steps to secure the safety of our citizens and their property”, said President Kenyatta

Earlier on, President Kenyatta had warned on foreign countries intent on influencing the outcome of next year’s General Election saying their actions are not welcome.

Speaking during this year’s Jamhuri Day celebrations, the president said that Kenyans should be let to decide their destiny.

“There is already money coming in from abroad in the guise of promoting civic education. We don’t want to be told by other countries that they’re teaching civic education – Kenyans know how to vote,” he said.

“Our choice as Kenyans will not be dictated by rhetoric, or foreign powers but by the sovereign will of the people of Kenya,” said the president.

Kenyatta however in his new year’s speech said: The days of playing games with this country are over.

While assuring Kenyans of credible elections come August, Kenyatta affirmed that there will be no change of the election date and that the polls will be held on the 8th of August this year, as slated.

In the recent past, the opposition have accused the government of plans to allegedly change he election date something the Jubilee government has since denied further referring to it as mere propaganda.

In his speech, the president warned the opposition CORD against mass action saying that the planned opposition demonstration is aimed at planting seeds of discord.

The head of state further accused the opposition of playing with embers of fire and courting violence urging the youth not to be used for selfish political gains by egocentric political class.

“Elections come and go, but Kenya and our families remain,”  Kenyatta reminded Kenyans.




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