Somalilanders blast UNSOM at #educateUNSOM (Updated)


Somalilanders across the political spectrum united – at long last – to castigate UNSOM, Mogadishu, for its unadulterated animosity against its sovereignty, peace, stability and democratically elected government through its unreserved support of Somaliland-born mercenaries enacting that office’s plan to misrepresent their home country in the sham, so-called indirect elections in Mogadishu.

Somalilanders point out to Mr. Michael Keating and his office that Somaliland is, in fact, the Republic of Somaliland. Somaliland has an elected government, a currency of its own, its own flag and its own capital. Somaliland has been a thriving, peaceful democracy for the past 26 years. Somaliland has become a fully independent, internationally recognized country before the Somalia UNSOM so dotes on today. Somaliland is the brainchild of its own citizens. Somaliland votes on its leaders to office through a one-man, one-vote ballot. In contrast, Mogadishu encourages its leaders to emerge through corruption, nepotism, bribery and ‘elections’ by a handful of heavily guarded mercenaries looking for a quick buck.

Somaliland, Somalilanders say in the Hashtag, is here to stay.

The #educateUNSOM hashtag is meant to remind UNSOM and the international community of some of the most basic factors that make Somaliland unique. Whilst what makes the Republic of Somaliland stand out in the face of seemingly insurmountable adversities are many, the Tweeters’ collective message, voice is unignorable, powerful and very potent.

Of late, Mr. Keating and his office, the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM), had been actively and enthusiastically tweeting and re-tweeting content that was intended to undermine the whole of Somaliland: people, country, sovereignty, democracy, rights and existence.

The Somaliland media reacted in indignation in blasts such as:

The latest of UNSOM’s continued, intentionally insensitive Tweets was:

Below is a sample of a burst of pent-up reaction to Mr. Keating’s obduracy as well as illiteracy in ‘Somali’ politics despite being the representative of the highest world body – the United Nations (Randomly chosen).



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