SOMALILAND: Facebook ‘Like & Comment’ Challenge Brings Donations to Drought-affected families


The country’s National Committee charged with the task of addressing the serious drought issues that has gripped the country, has received a major donation following a Facebook challenge which has taken the social media network by storm in Somaliland and abroad.

The campaign originally started by Ibrahim Sultan Abdirahman, a Sweden-based Somalilander three days ago has achieved great success and donations have been pouring in.

According to Ibrahim Sultan Abdirahman, people challenge five Facebook friends to share a post saying that they will donate a sum of money depending on the “likes,” and the number of comments the post gets. Every “like” of the post counts for $0.2 USD while a comment is worth $0.2 USD. After 24 hours, the person who created the post will deposit the total amount “raised” to one of the different bank accounts of National Committee for Drought Relief and the bank’s deposit receipt will be shared with the Facebook friends. He or she will then challenge five friends on Facebook.

 24 hours after launching the campaign, Ibrahim Sultan Abdirahman’s post received 200 Likes and 112 comments and 26 shares which is equivalent to $100 USD.

After depositing the $100 USD to National Committee for Drought Relief’s Dahabshil Bank account, he shared the bank’s deposit receipt with his Facebook friends as a proof.


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