Somaliland: EU Set to Rebuild Burao Technical Institute


European Union delegation headed by Mr. Steven embarked on fact-finding visit to Burao technical institute today.

The institute was destroyed in the civil wars that raged in Somaliland in the 1988’s.

Since the collapse of Somalia’s central government and Somaliland’s recapture of its independence from Somalia in the 1990’s, the institute was not rebuilt.

The government of Germany in the early 60s under bilateral Aid to the former Somalia. The project included the construction, training equipment and facilities with expert trainers.

Until 1974 , the German’s provided the training material cost and partly the running cost of the school. During their stay, they used to select among the trainees, members for Technical trainers courses for their substitution.

After 1974, the German trainers left the country as a result of the Siyad Barre military dictatorship and handed over their tasks to the well trained and experienced local staff counterparts.

The EU is doing all it can to see the reconstruction of the institute so that students can start learning technical courses.


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