Somaliland: DRC staff members deported for Islamophobic actions


Two staff members of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) were asked to leave the country following an investigation into disrespectful behavior they committed against Islam which religiously discriminated their colleagues.

The two staff members, one male, the other female, were found guilty as accused following a thorough investigation into the allegations directed against them. They were found to have intentionally and willfully denigrated Islamic practices in public and with utter disregard to Islam, established norms both at the work place and at Egal international airport.

According to the Republic of  Somaliland’s Minister for Planning and International Cooperation, Mohamed Ibrahim ‘Qabyotire’, the two DRC officers were found guilty of gross misconduct against Islam and the country that hosted them.

“DRC has an illustrious history of cooperation and religious tolerance of over twenty years in Somaliland,’ he said, pointing out that the behaviour of the two deported staffers was an isolated case that had nothing to do with either the policies or work practices of the Danish non-governmental agency.

“Somaliland has a profound respect for both DRC and the Danish Demining Group (DDG) for their sincere and selfless contribution to Somaliland development in their fields of responsibility,” the Minister stated.

This incident brought the question of how far are NGOs and UN NGOs are committed to the wishes and customs of the people they will with into focus once more.

A great number of Somalilanders are convinced that international NGOs and UN agencies have been left long unchecked in unbridled active campaigns and practices which openly undermine the country’s 27-year old quest for international recognition.


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