Kenyans mock Uhuru after receiving food donations from this ‘desert country’ – UAE


President Uhuru Kenyatta became subject to mass scrutiny from Kenyans after unveiling relief food from the United Arab Emirates on Friday, March 3.Kenyans mock Uhuru after receiving food donations from this desert countryThe President oversaw the delivery of donations from the United Arab Emirates- a federal monarchy in Western Asia that is associated with mass drought and deserts.Kenyans mock Uhuru after receiving food donations from this desert countrySoon after the Uhuru mentioned the proceedings on his Facebook page, critical Kenyans descended upon him, as the UAE is considered to be in the same predicament as Kenya, or probably worse, as far as drought is concerned.Kenyans mock Uhuru after receiving food donations from this desert country“I take this opportunity to assure all Kenyans that the Government is doing all that is in its power to ensure that people in need are assisted,” Uhuru said as he received the donations at State House.

The proceeds received from the Asian country is believed to be in the region of around KSh 20 million.

Here are some of the harsh comments from Kenyans:

Kyalo Felix For the 1st time am fully ashamed of our leaders and nation. Receiving donation from a desert country!!! This shouldn’t be us at all.

Caroline Wambui Murimi This is very shameful, a country that has the capability of providing for it’s people but chooses not to. Yani ata huoni aibu accepting those handouts from a desert country (as mentioned above) while we have our very own fertile lands?

Iyiema Sechero Ngairah Am so embarrassed with this update. This is ironical; a country with good, friendly agricultural climate and huge lands for farming receiving food donation from a DESERT region. So sad. We ought to do something; we as Kenyans plus the government to avoid such embarrassments in future.

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Vincent Migono and yet UAE weather isn’t favorable for agriculture compared to Kenya but they still end up feeding us.

Philip Keter Thanks but what a shame! It should have been the other way round.

Muru Shi WE” love hand outs. We concentrate “Gava” on wrong and unnecessary stuff. Like a huge exepensive pubilicity for People to take voting cards .

Michael Larlte Saz It is sad for us as kenyans to receive handouts because of money hungry corrupt leaders we just hope those lorries dont divert to some leaders backyard instead of the intended destinations

Njiriri Wallace U.A.E is a desert….Can someone explain to me like a two year old why and how on earth they should be donating food to a country with the best climate.

Mato Situma Mr President…today i am ashamed being a kenyan. I wish you even never posted. How can kenya be beginning for food yet we have full rainfall and arable land. Mr President….your government has failed. I am from trans nzoia and i know our capability as a country. We can feed ourselves. It is just that your government has misplaced priorities. I wish you dont get back.

The United Arab Emirates, was recently found to have suffered its most devastating drought in over 500 years.

Despite this fact the Middle East is part of the government”s relief efforts aimed at covering about 3 million Kenyans facing starvation.

Watch the video below:


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