Somaliland turns 8 March commemoration into drought response


The Republic of Somaliland’s women groups turn the yearly commemoration of the international day for women, 8 March, into a drought response event to help pastoralists stave away some of the pressures brought on by the absence of food and fodder.

The State Minister for Labor, Abdi Dahir Amoud, along with the Governor of Maroodijeeh, Abdullahi Gaahnuug “Buraale”, and the national women organizations of NOW and Negaad, handed over relief supplies to the National Drought Relief Committee.The gesture was made to mark the international for world women.

“Where we should have been spending money on renting hotel halls and on food, beverages and printing slogans, we have decided to turn the day to a day that we reach out to our much-distressed pastoralists,” minister Shukri Haji Ismail ‘Bandare’, speaking on behalf of women organizations said.

The relief supplies comprising of water and food were despatched, respectively, to residents in the areas of Balligubadle, Sallahley, Gabiley, Faroweyne and Dila.

Somaliland has seen a lot of comings and goings on the part of international organizations but, thus far, the international community – meaning the UN and western agencies – has little to show in the drought effort by way of supplies.

By contrast, the Gulf States have ferried on a number of consignments that have been distributed accordingly to direly-affected herders.


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