Somalia’s Farmajo woos Somaliland-born youth to work for him inside Somaliland


Departing from the tactics of his predecessors, President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo of Somalia has adopted a more sinister approach to destabilize Somaliland stability and derail its quest for sovereignty over promising Somaliland-born youth lucrative salaries as members of sleeping saboteur cells and Somalia agents.

The President, following up on the invitation he sent out through Somaliland-born followers in his employ to the young and impressionable in Somaliland earlier in mid-February, met with the first group on Saturday at his office in Villa Somalia, Mogadishu. At the meeting, it was reported, the President spoke at length of how he wished his vision of a ‘one-Somalia’, molded along the lines of the military dictator, Mohamed Siad Barre, to come to be.

President Farmajo, it was stated, promised the young people he met that he would gladly enlist them as his agents of that vision in Somaliland.

The President’s open and bold invitation to young people in and out of Somaliland who have not been touched by the pain of the country’s protracted, and bloody struggle for the restoration of the independence it lost to its younger sister, Somalia, in 1960, is seen as a litmus for an array of other programs designed to defragment Somaliland unity.

Another step he has taken towards that direction is his meeting with the Vice President of Puntland, Amey, whose militia forces currently claim control of Buuhoodle town. The Puntland-paid militias reneged against the area leader, Dr. Ali Khalif Galayr, as soon as he started talks with representatives of the Republic of Somaliland to whom Buuhoodle belongs to geographically and historically. In that meeting, President Farmajo assured Amey that he would supply Buuhoodle militias weaponry and that he will enlist them as paid, army units in that area – as he did before during his brief stint as a PM under President Sharif.

South African pilots hired by Siad Barre pose for a picture before another sortie ‘to kill all but the crows’, Hargeisa, 1988

President Farmajo’s expensive program against Somaliland sovereignty is aided and abetted by, Turkey, first, and an international community led by UNSOM, second – directly and indirectly.

Mr. Farmajo and his new PM  do not believe that Somaliland has a valid case for recognition and that its claim of losing more than 50 000 civilians to Major General Mohamed Siad Barre’s annihilation drives is an over-bloated figment of Somalilanders’ imagination.

Farmajo grew up under his uncle dictator in the 70s and 80s and sees him as a perfect role model in leadership.

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  1. What I see from these article is no less than bringing more division within the Somali community,and these is non but exergrated and fabricated message to totaly destroy the Somali people.As they say “past is history” whatever happened between the Somali people was past and those involved are there no more,so please let you not creat anew division between us,coz 90% of the hatred created to the new generation is done by the Media,I urge all Somali that whatever happened is long ago of which it won’t happen again,let us forget and unite for our betterment if don’t protect our sovereignity have in mind that there those who are eager to have this beautiful nation.#Somali#Unite.


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