I Am Not Married To 3 Husbands, MP Hudah Ahmed Says


Somali lawmaker Hudah Ahmed has denied allegations and reports  making rounds on social media and gossip websites that she is married to three different husbands concurrently.

In an exclusive interview with Radio Dalsan on Sunday Hudah claims the allegations were being  peddled by a traditional elder  the Boqor who had demanded a USD 200,000 bribe from her.

“The case against me is only an allegation propaganda that was spread by specific people. And the claims were made by a traditional leader” Hudah  told Radio Dalsan

Hudah who hails from Somaliland identified the traditional king or Boqor  as Mohamed Jama.

“First he called me and demanded for a bribe of 200 000 USD and he threatened that if I didn’t give him he would tarnish my name. I told him I would not give the bribe as I had been elected by 51 representatives” she said

“He is known  for similar scandals in the past. He has been soliciting bribes from other Mps in the past in the same manner” she added.

Asked by Radio Dalsan if its true that she had been accused at the CID Headquarters by 3 men all claiming to be married to her Hudah rubbished the claims

“No No That is a lie. It is actually me who went to the police station to report that the elder was threatening and tarnishing my name: His intention was to see me lose my political seat He is making false allegation he even claimed I am his wife” Hudah told Radio Dalsan

Hudah has denied being in any romantic relation with the Boqor Jama

“No. There is no other relationship . Absolutely none other than he being my clan leader. How would I have a relationship while I have my husband in town” she asserted.

The MP says she has taken the matter to the Attorney General´s office seeking justice

The legislator said she is a happily married family woman and claims some websites had been “bought” by the elder to tarnish her name.

“I am a married woman and I live with my husband in Mogadishu together with my 9 children .He ( Boqor Jama) has no evidence he only makes  allegations on social media . These are all allegation I can never be what I am not” she said

Radio Dalsan got in touch with the Traditional Leader Boqor Mohamed Jamaa to seek his version of the story

The Boqor denied claims by MP Hudah that he had solicited bribe and issued threats but stuck to his allegation that the lawmaker led a polyandrous lifestyle.

Jamal declined to speak further saying the matter was already in the hands of the authorities.

Radio Dalsan


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