Coldoon: Disgraced journalist sentenced to 2 years in prison


Coldoon traveled to Mogadishu in February to support Farmaajo’s Presidential bid.

During his stay in Mogadishu, Coldoon met with Farmaajo on multiple occasions and later released a video on social media declaring his support for a united Somalia – and pledged to spread his ideology upon returning to Somaliland.

Coldoon was arrested by Somaliland’s National Police force on February 15th, upon his arrival at Egal International Airport.

Coldoon was charged with engaging in anti-national activities, spreading fake news and disturbing public order.

Since the Government of Somalia does not recognize the independence of the Republic of Somaliland – and actively campaigns against Somaliland’s existence – it is a crime for any Somalilander to promote or encourage pro-Somalia beliefs.


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