Safaricom customers were unable to make calls on Monday after the company experienced a technical fault on its network.

Services were disrupted countrywide following the glitch that affected voice calls, SMS, and internet connectivity.

The company apologised for the disruption saying they had a hitch on their core GSM server.

Those who attempted to make calls could not do so as they were disconnected.

“Our apologies. We are having an issue affecting our network, apologies for the inconvenience caused.”

“We are working on it,” Safaricom said through their official twitter page.

Kenyans on Twitter attacked the company on why they could not deal with the network trouble.

“How can Safaricom network go down the whole country? Think this has something to do with the on going party primaries,” Dizzy Fizzy‏ said.

Lujan, another user, said: “Seems we need manual backup in #Safaricom. Any downtime means loss making to my business.”

Some users raised suspicion that the collapsed system had something to do with the August general election.

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In February, the High Court stopped the Communications Authority of Kenya from setting up a system to spy on Kenyans’ mobile phones.

The decision, communicated by CA on January 31 and February 6, was addressed to Safaricom Ltd, Orange-Telecom and Airtel Networks Kenya Ltd.

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Steve Kamario‏ said: “Safaricom should refund us for lost business when their network went down for some few minutes.”

“Ama ni gava inaexperiement elections?” the user asked.

By NANCY AGUTU, @nancyagutu


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