Somaliland: Duruqsi Mayor reveals five die of thirst


Despite tireless relief efforts of committee tasked to conveying aid to the drought inflicted people in the east regions of Somaliland, the situation is getting worse and death toll is accruing. The last incident happened yesterday at Duruqsi district, Togdheer when 5 people died of thirst and famine. This was revealedby the mayor of Duruqsi Hon. Ahmed Abdilahi Gaabyoone while speaking the press at Burao.

The mayor Duruqsi has called the government, the relief agencies and Muslims in general to swiftly convey food, water and medical personnel to the people in the eastern regions who cannot cope with this excruciating agony brought by the prolonged drought. “I came here to inform and remind everyone that the people in Duruqsi is in danger of dying of thirst and famine. The live claims is alarmingly deteriorating. Emaciated children are omnipresent – yesterday a man died of thirst after he dispatched from his home in search of water for his five children. After a long walk he fell down and died. Only this week, nearly five people died of this apocalyptic drought,” said Gaabyoone.

Mr Gaabyoone has finally urged all Somalilanders and the Muslim world in general to convey food and water to his people. “If not tackled within 24 hours, I hereby affirm you that many people will perish.”

Drought has harshly battered in the eastern regions mainly Sool, Sanaag, Togdheer and Sahil with a quarter million people are in a dire need of immediate medical and emergency relief. It has swept the country side, leaving their livestock and property behind and sweeping them away.

The Head of State himself sounded sirens of the impending famine that has vastly struck in the eastern regions of Somaliland, appealing for relief support by sending SOS to the international community and Somaliland people at large.

Aid-conveying operations are under way as the drought relief committee is working hard to convey food and water to the drought afflicted people and at the same time preparing medical personnel ready to deal with emergencies.


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