Somaliland President visits UAE health camp set at Hargeisa stadium


The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo has hailed the U.A.E government for their steadfast help to the Somaliland people.

He expressed the sentiments when touring a health check-up cum treatment camp set up by UAE physicians at Hargeisa stadium yesterday.

He thanked them for their humanitarian aid efforts which cut across various sectors.

The physicians sourced from broad health sections included cardiologists, paediatricians, obs & gynaecologists, general and assorted specialists.

Health minister Hon. Suleiman revealed at the venue that the doctors have already seen 2000 patients hence he expected that they would attend to the remaining 3000.

So far 5000 patients had registered for the free exercise of health check-ups. He likewise revealed that the committee of U.A.E doctors has incorporated in their group Somaliland physicians who will join them in their free duties wherever they chose to, worldwide.

The just inaugurated Humboweyne dam, numerous boreholes across the country and the on-going relief efforts are but some of the humanitarian efforts of monumental gestures that the UAE has directed towards Somaliland.

The President was accompanied by the Presidency Minister Hon. Mohamud Hashi, Health Minister Hon. Hagletosiye, Presidential Special Advisor Ali M. Waran-adde, Hargeisa Mayor, MPs and several dignitaries.


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