Somaliland Opens First Diplomatic Office in Sweden


Sweden-Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has for the first time opened a diplomatic office in Sweden, the new premises were opened on 17, May 2017 by Dr. Saad Ali Shire Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Ambassador Zakariye Hassan Wacays, Somaliland representative to Sweden briefed the FM on the workings of the new diplomatic office, he further thanked the President and Dr. Saad Ali Shire for availing their support. The envoy further thanked Somaliland Diaspora in Sweden, the Diaspora office and Mr. Mikael Torstennson, Somaliland representative to the European Union for their support. The office is situated in an affluent area where most foreign missions are situated.

Dr. Saad Ali Shire Minster of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation speaking during the opening of the new premises said, “The opening of the new diplomatic office coincides with the commemoration of the 26th anniversary of 18 May National day, and is of vital importance to both the people and Somaliland as a country, and it will play an important role in connecting SL diaspora in Sweden and our quest for recognition. It also shall avail services and assistance which will attract important investment from potential Swedish investors.

Among the other notable speakers during the occasion were Mr. Khadar Ali Gaas, Presidential Advisor on media affairs, Mr. Mohamed Yusuf (Badda), Chairman of the National Recognition committee Mr. Mustafe, chairman of Somaliland Diaspora in Sweden and Mikael Torstennson, Somaliland representative to the European union who thanked the President and the SL government for opening the diplomatic office in his home country.

After the opening ceremony, the Minister and his delegation attended another party not far from the new SL diplomatic office. among the attending dignitaries were 15 Swedish parliamentarians, friends of Somaliland, members of Swedish media and members of SL diaspora in Sweden.

Finally, the FM on behalf of the people and government of Somaliland thanked all for their support and contribution towards the development projects and further urged them to help the drought affect people.



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