Dahabshiil chips in on AWD combat activities at Burao & outlying areas


Abdirahman Ali Haji Hassan, Dahabshiil DMT COO, and Ahmed Adan Ibrahim, Director of DMT operations in the Togdheer region, representing Dahabshiil Group of companies, handed over 3000 IV infusion units to medical authorities in Burao as part of the Group’s continuous contributions to the on-going drought recovery programme underway in Somaliland. Dr. Suleiman Isse Ahmed Kaar ‘Haglatosiye’, Minister of Health of Somaliland, accompanied by regional and district authorities, officiated the handover.

Health Minister Haglatosiye

Following a protracted drought that saw a large population left totally bereft by the 3-year long dry run flock to cities, acute watery diarrhea (AWD) broke out in many of the swelled urban centres: Buuhoodle, Qorilugud, Ainabo and – now – over-congested Burao, regional capital of Togdheer region.

Over sixty deaths have, so far, been directly attributed to the outbreak.

Dahabshiil Official Abdirahman Ali
Governor Ramah
DMT Togdheer Director Ahmed Adan

Minister Suleiman, speaking at the occasion, revealed that the AWD outbreak was successfully contained in 11 areas before it reached Burao.

“We sincerely hope that here would go down as the last dugout of the ailment and that we stop it on its tracks here,” he said.

Mohamoud Ali Suleiman ‘Ramah’, Regional Governor, amply expressed gratitude for the telling supplies delivered by Dahabshiil, underling that the Group regularly featured as front leader of all activities that required immediate attention in the region – and elsewhere.

Abdirahman Ali said the Group’s contribution was, certainly, not going to be the last as it was not the first.

“Dahabshiil Group is proactive in its social responsibility approach to both emergency or developmental activities impacting on the infrastructure and/or social welfare schemes,” he stated.

The Group has just started, in collaboration with international NGOs such as NRC, distributing cash donations to pastoralist families who barely survived the devastating drought that left them completely or nearly destitute in the El Afwein area which will continue for the next two months or so.Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and outdoorImage may contain: one or more people, child, outdoor and natureImage may contain: one or more people, child and outdoorOn the same vein, Dahabshiil Group’s annual competition for youngsters who could read the Holy Quran by rote was concluded at the Ali Mattan Mosque in Hargeisa on Saturday.

The objective behind the 19-year old programme is to encourage young people on proper Islamic culture by incentivizing efforts.

“Dahabshiil has helped the young properly appreciate the profound, correct teachings of the Quran by initiating this competition held during the first week or two of every Ramadhan throughout its inception,” Abdirashid Farah Ahmed, speaking on behalf of the Group at the closing ceremony on Saturday.

Winners of the competition were awarded cash and varying items of value which ranged from laptops to cell phones depending on ranking.

Dahabshiil has been at the forefront of philanthropic donations that largely accounted for the resounding success relief and recovery efforts achieved in saving beleaguered herdsmen. The companies visibly and most promptly contributed to relief activities at the height of the three-year-old drought and to recovery programmes to restock decimated herds and to return displaced pastoralists to their original habitats following the plentiful fall of the spring rains.

The companies’ reached tens of thousands of distraught families belabouring under harsh circumstances regardless of region or distance during the past 8 months with cash or essential food and medical supplies estimated at over a million US Dollars.


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