Somaliland: KULMIYE Presidential Candidate host luncheon for Journalists


The presidential candidate of Somaliland’s Kulmiye Ruling Party Hon. Muse Bihi Abdi hosted a banquet for more than one hundred journalists for the first time on Tuesday.

On the occasion, other high dignitaries, top brass officials of Kulmiye and distinguished guests attended.

Speaking at the event held at Maansoor Hotel, the presidential aspirant of Kulmiye Party said, “You as journalists are divided into two: supporters; they rigidly support me. Thank you for supporting me. Bear in mind that if you heap praise on me and laud me profoundly, you are impeding my success.”

Reiterating the need for opposers, Musa Bihi Abdi said, “To opposers! Thank you. I appreciate how well you scrutinize and criticize my wrong acts. But what’s important is constructive criticism – not flimsy lies or a hoax.”

The chairman of Kulmiye Hon Bihi who is also running for the presidency this year, 2017, urged the journalists to report accurately.

Mr Abdi called on media outlets to comply with journalism ethics and spurred them to work for the nation.



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