Somalia: Coastal Town in Puntland is hit by ocean storm leaving hundreds of people homeless


Dozens of houses have been washed away by the storm which hit the coastal district of Alula of Bari province in the semi-autonomous state of Puntland in northeast Somalia, local media reports

Speaking to the local media Ali Shire Mohamud Osman, Alula district commissioner confirmed that approximately hundred of houses have been destroyed by the strong rolling ocean waves which left hundreds of people homeless.

“People began to evacuate from villages of Alula as the sea water flooded into their houses. Half of the district villages were washed out by the ocean.” Osman said.

People in the neighboring villages started efforts to rescue the victims as hundreds of fishing boats were also ruined by the storm.

“What we so far know is that the main marker of Alula was submerged by the sea water as half of the district lost and it would be a bit difficult for the Alula people to recover from this tragedy.” the district commissioner said.

Horn Observer


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